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I have an 04 Disco II with 4.6 eng with 25,500 miles.
The noise I hear is intermittent. And I hear it after the eng. has been running for 15 min or so. The sound is somthing like a slight clicking sound. (It sounds like one of those wind up toy chickens that hop around on your desk and it winds down. It is almost like a plastic sound.)The rhythm changes when I rev up the eng, but the pitch stays the same. The rhythm will start off fast, but then slow down and go fast again. Then it will stop for a short time then start again. I do not think it is the valves because it is not a consistent sound. I think it could be belt related because I get a slight chirping sound when I start the truck in the AM. but it goes away after a few minutes. Then again I am an aircraft mechanic and I could be wrong.

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check the belt. could be the idler pulley.

and its also possible but we got a bulletin about some idiot that put on the power steering pump on wrong. The pulley was backwards.

it will chew up the belt.

trust me I got one of them.
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