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Noobie intro...couple questions

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Hi All,
Been lurking here for a bit since buying a 2000 Disco2 with 69k on it -- lightly driven as a grocery getter by a suburban woman for most of its life, then owned by her mechanic for a couple years before coming to me. The price was right as a starting place for a dual use truck...will be my train car --2.2 miles per weekday, weekend errands and then occasionally some off roading on farmland.

Anyhow, my cousin (mechanic, non-Rover tech) checked it over before I bought it. Main issues we noted: minor oil leaking, rear driveshaft flex joint is old/cracking, rear chassis showing significant rusty holes (not swiss cheese though), and intermittent three amigos. Previous owner right before selling replaced shuttle valve and it wasnt on for about 3/4 of my test driving, but came on and I negotiated 1k off based on that.

I have a ScanGauge and will hook that up soon. Was hoping to get data on temps before replacing thermostat...or should I just do that outright and flush everything to cut over to green coolant? Previous owner says he doesnt know if its running Dexcool, but its pinkish/orange, so I figure it is.

Other cousin/mechanic is more of the mindset of 'if its not broke, leave it', but all of the proactive maintenance on this board has me concerned a bit about that approach. Should I take this into an indy local shop --there's one in the Chicago burbs by me well-reviewed for Rovers-- and ask him to do a 60k check over? I did not know about the maintenance schedules while buying and didnt ask the last owner about the long list at 60k. My knowledge is limited, but growing due to here and youtube.

Basically, the truck is in exceptional shape and has driven its first month with me having zero issues...but is there a top 5 list of recommended things to do immediately even if no problems and my cousin's initial check came back pretty clean? Three amigos aren't breaking my heart...figure I will get around to that sooner or later unless it needs to be now. Thanks everybody
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I'm a big fan of preventive maintenance. When I get a new to me vehicle I do all fluids and filters. Tune up cap rotor wires and plugs. Then known issues, its good to have a base line and know where you are at. It's even more true on Rovers. All of this is straight forward to do and does not require a shop.
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