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Northwest Parts, Inc. BEWARE

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I had a horrible experince with Northwest Parts, Inc. from Portland Orgon.
Using eBay I lost a bid on a ladder for a Land Rover Discovery. Hours latter I purchased a simular ladder as a "Buy Now" option on eBay. 24 hours latter
Northwest Parts, Inc. allowed the winning bidder to cancel thier bid and informed me I was now repsonible for the purchasing thier item for the lst bid amount I lost. After informing them I already purchased the same item from another vendor, via email, I was told that vender's product was shoddy and "would rust out". Lving in Utah where roads are salted constanty in the winter I see now sign of rust or shoddy workmanship.
Later I atttempted to purchased from the Northwest Parts, Inc. acutual ecommerce site a full roof rack. I placed the order online using my Visa.
There is their email response:
[B]After further review of your order, we have concluded that your order will
not be processed without a full payment via cashiers check. This payment
arrangement is required because of a eBay transaction that you were
involved in.
Your online order has been canceled. Therefore if you wish to place
another order, mail the full payment and order to:[/B]

I highly suggest you stay way from purchasing from this company. Thier business practice of horrible customer relations should indicated a high possiblity of product quality and delivery.
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NWP Response

Dear Mr. French,

Thank you for your interest in our products, and firm persistance in owning
the best roof rack money can buy.

We understand your frustrations; However we reserve the right to refuse
service, or in this case a product, to anyone whom we choose.

There are always two sides to a story. In this case, we don't have an
excuse, as none is needed. We have told you multiple times that we will fill
your order only under the terms in which we set in place. In past
conversations with my office manager, you have stated, and I quote:

"'re not getting my money... "

That stresses to us how necessary it is that we arrange payment terms
outside of visa/mc/amex/discover.

We're in business to help Rover owners. Our intentions are not to frustrate
or belittle people, or businesses, publicly or privately.

If I can be of further assistance, please contact our offices and ask for me.

If I'm not available please leave a message and I will call you back as soon as possible.

Northwest Parts, Inc.
503 244 4909
"Be positive, always"
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My question would: be did they simply offer you the item at your last bid, or did they try to make you responsible as if you had won?

Well let me put my 2 cents in as I have been selling on eBay since 1996.

Granted I don't know what happened. However, if the winner does not buy the seller has NO right to FORCE the runner up to buy the item. Nor should the seller blackball the runner up if they don't buy. This is just plain bad business. I have people flake out on winnings bids from time to time. I always contact the runner ups and offer them the item. If they don't want it, that's ok. That's the way it goes. I would never force it on them.

Anyhow, as stated I do not know both sides of the story.

Even Ebay will tell you, the only contract that exists is when the auction ends, and there is a willing seller and a willing buyer. The second highest bidder made an offer (half the requirement for a contract, but because of the nature of an Ebay (timed) auction, the seller accepts the final offer, and all others are irrelivant.
So I took the liberty to dig a little deeper into this. I looked up Paul4886's eBay profile. Northwest Parts left him negative feedback for not paying for an item he won, a Disco rear ladder.

So Paul, according to this, you did win an item from Northwest Parts. However, as the post below describes, it was only due to the fact that the high bidder withdrew his bid. In the end this is a sticky situation, as you trully were the high bidder on this item. With over 2500 feedbacks to my name, I have pretty much stopped leaving people negatives.. I don't care, I file for a refund from eBay and move on. It's part of doing business.

According to the bid History, Some guy name Tedore made a bid for $600 at 10:16:43. Then Paul, in attempting to become high bidder, bid 6 times, the first of which being $114.50, from 10:18:20 until 10:20:35.
Nearly 4 hrs later, Tedore retracted his bid, leaving Paul4886 the high bidder.
To exonerate Paul ( Judge Judy was busy today, I guess) we'd have to see the bid history of the ladder bouhgt, using Buy It Now. If it was after his last bid, but before Tedore retracted, That seems to let Paul off the hook. However, I might have watched the auction thru till closing before I went off to another item. Jury still waiting for evidence, or something. How come NWP lets some guy off the hook, then as a result, slams someone else. This guy needs a time-out too.

I say Make them take it to the Peoples Court, everybody gets paid, it's entertaining and it would be a first to see a bunch of Land Roverphiles duking it out ! ( at least on TV)

Geez, I wish it would snow. I'm bored with mud!
Very entertaining! :sheep:
There must be more to this story come on Paul you first post is starting to look a bit weak
NWP experience

First off I want to say that I know absolutely nothing of what has been mentioned previously in this thread. I do know of my personal experience with NWP. I ordered VentShades from them for an Isuzu rodeo. I live in Portland and went to their location personally. I prepaid for the product and was told when it would arrive in the store the next morning. I returned at noon the next day to pick up the product only to find out that it had not come in yet, and that I should stop by arround 4pm. Upon returning that afternoon I was told the product still did not arrive. Now that I had learned my lesson the next day I called NWP to find out if the product was there and was told it came in on that morning’s truck. When I went to the store they told me that the product must not have been on the truck, because they could not find it.

During this experience I received not apologies, but attitude from the counter people (like it was somehow my fault). When I next called I requested the NWP person to actually find the product before I came in and after some resistance he reluctantly did. I was very excited to finally receive my VentShades and when I returned home and opened them I realized they were for an Isuzu Trooper and not a Rodeo. Upon returning to the store my knowledge of the product was questioned, and I was told that I must be wrong. At this point I became irate, and they realized that the product was for a Trooper. Then I was told I must have ordered it for the wrong car. Only when I produced my receipt with the Rodeo order on it did they admit fault. At this point I wanted my money back and planned shop elsewhere, but they said they would not return my money unless they could not get me the original product I wanted. I let them order the Rodeo product and told them to call me when it arrived. They said it would be there the next day. The called 3 days later to say it had finally arrived. I understand that many times this is not the fault of the retailer, but I was treated rudely and disrespectfully.

It was definitely not a “positive” experience. I am currently a Land Rover owner, and wil not do business with this company again. It is too bad because they are right down the street from my home.
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NWP Response to Bimma's posting

We are a fabrication shop, not a parts house....and don't have a 'counter' (wish we did sometimes). But that's how we keep cost down :)

We don't offer parts for any vehicle other then Rovers, and never have. Your experience is quite unfortunate, Bimma...

NWP is a common abbreviation up here in the great northwest....

Let's go wheelin' !!!

Northwest Parts, Inc.
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Hey you lot at NWP,what ever happened to the customer is always right you seem to be abit up yourselves here,You have shown no attempt to make a public display of customer care even after been given a golden opportunity it looks to me like you just lost yourselves alot of buisness with your ramblings.

Im glad I will never have to deal with your company and Nicole take a little advice and learn to handle customers with a little more decorum such words as "bites" and the like put forward a very immature and unprofessional image.

I think I have the measure of you and your company and to be honest regardless of what has gone on I find your attitude lacking.Given the choice of using your services whatever they may be I would choose not too.

ONz OUT!!!
My Reply

1). I lost the bid. The bid ended!
2). Hours later I purchased from via Buy Now from another supplier
3). Hours later received an email that the Winning bidder was left off the Hook and that I was RESPONSIBLE, as a lossing bidder, to now purchase the ladder.
4). Informed them I had alrady purchased from another source.
5). Was informed that:
a. That doesn't matter.
B. The other vendors product was inferior.
C. I woudl be reported to EBay as a NON-PAYER
6). Every bid I have won on EBay I have paid within hours.

What part of Customer Service ethics does this supplier don't understand?
I view thier overall handling of this situation as very bad business.
Again, I highly suggest anyone stear clear of this vendor.
Another note: The symptoms of this auction act allot like the vender jacking up the bid to get more for thier product. Maybe not but it sure seems very suspect.
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RE: NWP Response to Bimma's posting

I appologize for my mistake. How dumb I now feel.
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