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Not sure if a got a good deal

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I just spent $616.00 on my 97 disco replaced front left CV joint, front bearings and the front shocks with boge's i know the shocks cost 40 each. So basicly $536. parts and labor for the rest.
any comments good or bad?
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RovinLA said:
I just spent $616.00 on my 97 disco replaced front left CV joint, front bearings and the front shocks with boge's i know the shocks cost 40 each. So basicly $536. parts and labor for the rest.
any comments good or bad?
Just remember when you shop around for a job, always ask for the labor rate. It varies wildly.

Most stealerships go by only the book rate, so if the job takes two hours, you are paying for those 2 hours, not the 1 hour and very expensive lunch break watching "Jackass-The Movie".

My two cents, you did okay. Did it hurt your wallet? yeah, but you're back on the road. The hurt will go away.

Adam in NYC
A reply to beezel and those interested (with my apologies)

beezel said:
QUadam, next time you call them stealerships Know what the hell your talking about first. Because you dont know what your talking about.
If my remark offends you personally, it was not aimed at you personally.But I can say from what you just posted, you don't know what I went thru.

If you had taken the time to research my prior posts, which you haven't since you decided to post such a kneejerk reaction, you will found out I was victimised by my local Land Rover dealership, Manhattan Ford/ Land Rover not not once but twice.

They know about my prior posts. They have read them. Manhattan Ford/Land Rover/Motorgroup keep sending me letters to come back.

Maybe I will. But I think they should return some of that hard-earned money they ripped off from me and give me a apology for charging for something I did not have to pay for and for the estimate for my oxygen sensors.

I think I have a right to call a dealership a stealership. I will ask you to look the prior post listed elsewhere on this website:

Adam in NYC USA using the Wayback Machine said:
Hello again from the Big Apple in NYC

I can say with total certainty that there is not a honest Land Rover dealership in New York City. I thought I could get a solution for my non-functional O2 sensors for my 96 D1.


Dropped off the 1996 D1 at the Manhattan Auto Group-Land Rover dealership on Thursday for the gas tank recall. According to LR, it should have taken about two hours. It took five days. They did not want to call me and got annoyed when I called them. The first day, they were annoyed and stated the gas tank alone took one day. Okay. Called me later and stated that the house of the mechanic had burned down and only he could work on the vehicle. Union rules. Call me on Monday.

Finally on Tuesday, they billed me for a new fuel pump for the new gas tank. $600.00. I asked them for an estimate for what was going on with the oxygen sensors. Sure.

They say that the oxygen sensors are ALL bad despite one was replaced and is shiny new on the exhaust manifold. They say the oxygen sensors were seized and unremovable and I needed new catalyst convertors. Funny, my Midas repair shop had no problem removing them. Hmm.

The estimate:$5000.00 for four o2 sensors and replacement cat(s). Hmmm.

No thanks.

For $600.00 they washed the exterior clean and brushed my alloy rims. Scratched the beluga black paint in three places and put a hole in the rear vinyl on the rear door. Also destroyed the bright alpaca floormat and left a nice oil mark on the leather drivers seat.


Somebody know a real Land Rover mechanic or should I go back to driving 50 or 100 miles for the real thing?

Adam in NYC
The state of the art in used Land Rover repair in North America for is in disarray. I use an independent mechanic 55 miles away from me for preventive maintaince and solving my Rover with its aging problems.

He is however not a shop nor an electronics ignition expert since even though I have all the oxygen sensors replaced, I am still living with a periodic Check Engine light.

That, I guess, is why you buy the first generation 1996 Disco with OBD2 and all the new oxygen sensors using newer o2 sensor technoogy and the old ECU gets confused. It is a shame it is a PROM version and can not be reflashed.

I enjoy my truck and tolerate my Check Engine lighting as a fact of owning a used third-hand truck.

But beezel, you don't think I am entitled to my opinion? I think before you post something like that above, you should read what I had posted prior.

Adam in NYC USA

As a postscript to beezel on a public forum:

beezel, if you have an issue with my posts, why don't you post it with a private message and not violate any netiquette rules on this forum?

We are gentlemen who agree to disagree on a minor point.

However, if you see a post that you disagree with strongly, resist the urge to post immediately. I take the following tack. I usually open a editor and write how I originally felt and save it. I then Walk away and take a breather. If I still agree with it, I use calmer language and tone it down to a more cerebral level. When you are calmer, decide if it is something you want to respond to.

This will be my last post on the matter. Guys like Serg deserve kudos for taking the time and effort out on this great website and I am not going to piss all over his hard-earned efforts.

If you have issues, we can take it outside.


Adam in NYC USA
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