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Not the Usual Air Suspension Question

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Restoring 1994 RR LWB Classic

Replaced air bags (no leaks), valve block and driver, all four height sensors, and eas module twice. There are two part numbers based on VIN number for this year truck.

Nearest Range Rover dealer is five hours away.

Able to reprogram heights but truck seems stuck at 28 inches to wheel arches and is not responding to up and down buttons except when rear rises on it's own to 34 inches.

No error codes.

Only anomoly is left rear sensor is reading 148 when all others are around 80.

Plan to replace left rear sensor for second time.

Anything else I should be looking at?

Thanks in advance for any leads.
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I assume you're running the software to check this out. I seem to recall one page where you can move each corner up or down. Have you tried this yet?
Thank you Kapn.

I am using a primitive diagnostic tool which allows me to read and reset faults, read height sensor and reset sensor levels.

Replacing the left rear sensor got me working air suspension.

Recalibrated fine.

Only problem is all three lights light up on occasion.

No error codes but returns to normal if non-existent faults are cleared.

Height sensor memory also resets by itself to out of the ball park number like 5 or 250 on occasion.

Faulty eas ECU module?

Any leads appreciated.
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I don't know what to say. Are you using EAS Unlock Suite?

EAS Unlock Suite
Using EAS Kicker.

Have working air suspension except cannot recalibration low setting and drops to bump stope if exceed 50 mph.

Suspect bad EAS ECU.

Anyone have a better idea or experienced this problem.

Thanks in advance.
Replaced the ECU and no joy.

Working air suspension except cannot recalibrate low settings and still dropping to bump stops over 50 mph.

Suspension continues working over 50 mph if lock out (x switch) on dash is depressed

Paul Grant is sending me a new delay relay.

Road speed signal comes from the road speed buffer.

Everything else working fine.

Would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who can help diagnosis and repair this problem.

Thanks in advance.
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Making progress.

Air suspension working.

Delay relay from Paul Grant fixed the dropping to bump stops over 55 mph. Thanks, Paul.

Only remaining problem is unable to recalibrate low height settings with the EAS Kicker. Standard and High recalibrate just fine. Low not responding to changed settings.

Anyone have any suggestions as to where to go next.

Thanks in advance.
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