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All-While I am not new to owning a Discovery, I am a novice at what we are about to undertake-prepping a Disc 2 for wet, muddy off-road driving.

I previously owned a '95 SE7, and currently own an 04 Disco 2 S, primarily used as a work/daily driver. I am wanting to make modifications to the '04 for the purpose of using it off road during "duck" season. I have browsed around the forum and found great information on products and issues to address. Maybe so much info it is a bit overwhelming....

Our off road application here in NoEast AR during the winter months will primarily be in wet, muddy terrain, driving along farm field roads. I have taken my GMC Sierra through water 2.5' deep (when a farm road was flooded) at times getting out to a blind. Depths higher than that we usually just wade through.

Neither of my local shops (maybe I just haven't found the right one) seem to be able to give me any advice on how much I need to lift, or on the wheel & tire size, thus my post here for experience/expertise. I see lots of advice in the threads I've read.... but didn't really see that any of those asking questions were going to be in water/mud.

So, if anyone has a comment, suggestion, experience..... knows the limitations of wheel/tire sizes, lifting, etc., you comments will be very much appreciated. Value added ideas will also be appreciated, as budget can be an issue.

As a side point, I am planning to equip a separate set of wheels/tires to be used during hunting season, and before and after plan to ride on a set of wheels/tires more suited to street driving.

Here are some of the modifications I am considering based on the posts I've been reading. Will likely need to group these and make them over time (Discovery sock is a bit low now, but have enough to get started!)

Wheels and Tires (need input-currently reading through pages of discussions)
Front Bumper: ARB Bull or Sahara Bar with wench-(Alternative)
Rear Bumper: Heavy Duty Rear Bumper
Snorkel (not sure how to know if I will need this?)
Raised Transmission Breather Kit (same as above?)
Fuel Tank Skid Guard
Steering Guard
Differential Guards
Doorsill Guard
Deep Cycle Battery
Steering Damper (?)
Suspension: Old Man Emu Nitrocharger Sport Shock Absorbers
Suspension: Old Man Emu Medium Load Springs (2" Lift) and Old Man Emu 10mm Trim Packers (Not even sure what Trim Packers are!)
Discovery 2 DOT Front and Rear Brake Steel Braided Hose Kit (how will I know if I need this?)
Lamp Guards: Front and Rear

Looking forward to your thoughts/comments:smile
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