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novice needs help

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used discovery 50,000 miles trans temp light is driving me crazy, also cannot find a trans dipstick, the vehicle does not seem to be overheating, not in fwd
just street ,hwy driving and trans temp is coming on, whats up help!!! :bgreen:
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Just read your other post. You have no dip stick, the fluid is checked from one of two plugs in the transmission. I would suggest you have it changed right away and hope this will correct your problem. If not you either will have a faulty temp sensor in the tranny or a problem.
Don't wait on this, tranny service and filter will most likely cure it.
Mike J.

I Hear Removing The Pan Is Blocked By A X Member? Thanks For Your Help, I Know Gtos,old And New,this Rover Is My Wifes And It Drives Nuts To No End!!!!!!
Sounds like it is time for you to crawl under your truck and get acquainted. D2's don't have the crossmember problem the D1's do.
Mike J.
Like Mike said,it's not astrightforward thing, so in my opinion if you don't feel confident of replacing the fluid and "bleeding" the transmission back, I would suggest to take it to your local dealer, or local Land rover independent shop.Believe me, sometimes if you don't know how to do it, is always better to have someone who knows about it do the job, as you might damage something else, a thing you wouldn't be looking forward on a Land rover(expensive parts).Just my opinion.
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