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Greetings All;

We have just confirmed with the State of Nevada for the new Start area... should be interesting to say the least!

In addition; we have been talking with the State of NV in regards to PR'ing the Start of NVTR2005 on July 8th... things are looking good for local TV and Newspaper media coverage!

NVTR2005 is now listed on the States own web site... and we should appear in NEVADA Magainze very soon.

For those of you that missed the great NVTR2004 coverage in LRM (july 2004) we hope to see the article appear in a number of publications very soon.

At present we have a number of companies signed on to support NVTR2005 with prices or certificates, and hope to have a few more as time moves on.

Nevada Trophy Adventure Wear is available at
We hope to have more very soon... so stay tuned for the new address.
Thanks to Team Walker for the great logo!

Expanding our entrants; As you most know, we have had a number of non-Rovers participate in NVTR over the years... for 2005 we already have a few Toyota's, and looks like even a couple of Hummer's. In June the Off-Road Experience will be part of the HUmmer Clubs week long event in Reno, NV. We will be holding an off-road class or two, and while there we will promote the NVTR together with the club in hopes of more Hummer participation.
And... we have joined the California Assoc of 4wd clubs. At present NVTR is on their website and soon to be in their newspaper.

The hopes are high for a full house. But let it be said... we'd like to see those of you who have supported NVTR over the years.

A word of thanks to those companies that have supported NVTR in the past, and may not have seen the "thank you" and links on our NVTR pages (on line); so a THANK YOU goes out to....
British Pacific
Dunlop Tire & Rubber Co
Fernley, NV
Good-Year Tire & Rubber Co
Lovelock, NV
Nevada Commission on Tourism
Pirelli Tires USA
Rover Accessories
Safety Seal
State of Nevada
West Coast British

Without these people, and the NVTR Crew of volunteers, this event would not happen. And... we can not for get YOU the participant. Hope to see you again very soon.

Michael Green
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