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NY Catalytic Converters Need CARB Certification Starting June 1st

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I just got this from Rock Auto. This is such ****.

Thanks Cuomo! :complain:


This is a one-time message from RockAuto to help ensure you are aware that an impending New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) regulation requires catalytic converters purchased and/or installed in New York after June 1st be certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). If you need a catalytic converter for a vehicle located in New York state, then you might consider buying and installing one before June 1st to take advantage of better availability and lower costs.
Catalytic converter manufacturers such as AP, Bosal, Catco, Eastern, Walker, etc. do not yet offer CARB certified catalytic converters for many vehicle applications. Catalytic converters may meet California emissions standards but still may not have the requisite labeling, etc. that make them CARB certified.
Catalytic converters with CARB certification cost more. For example, a Walker catalytic converter without CARB certification for a 2000 Toyota Camry with California emissions currently costs $202 (at RockAuto). A CARB certified catalytic converter built by Walker for the same car costs $269. That is more than a 30% price difference. The price difference could easily exceed 100% when a CARB certified catalytic converter for a specific vehicle is only available from a car dealer.
Once again, this is a one-time message to make sure you are aware of this unique automotive regulatory change in New York. Catalytic converters for your specific vehicles are found under the “Exhaust” category at RockAuto Parts Catalog.
We have prepared this page to help explain CARB certification further: Emissions Standards Explained.
The New York DEC regulation is spelled out here: Fact Sheet Prohibition of Used Catalytic Converters/New Aftermarket Catalytic Converter Standards - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation.
Best Regards,
Tom Taylor
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