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O2 and some other codes - baffled

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Hopefully someone here can help shed light on an issue I've been having with my 04 rover. It currently has 145k on the clock, and I did replace the headgaskets 45k ago and have done all of the urgent stuff.

I've been getting 02 codes lately, and replaced the front 2. Still got codes, replaced them again, and it held for a month or two. Now I'm getting quite a few codes and trying to figure out the problem.

I pulled the codes this morning that were collective of the past month, here's what it had:

P0159 - O2 slow response, rear pass side.
P0000 x5

After driving around 20 miles today it threw the SES light again and came up with these codes:

P0150 - O2 Cycle fault, bank 2 sensor 1
P0130 - O2 sensor cycle fault bank 1 sensor 1
P0327 - Background Noise Low Fault bank A

I'm baffled because both front o2 sensors have been replaced multiple times and eventually these codes keep reappearing. The 1174 and 1171 are new to me, as well as the 327.

I'm do have a broken clip on my airbox, i'm going to get that fixed to see if that's causing the two maf related codes, otherwise I'm thinking it's time for a new MAF.
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