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OBD connector

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Where is the connector to hook up a scan tool on a 2000 D2? My "Service Engine Soon" light was on for about a week. It came on as I was bumping across a rough RR crossing, and went out when I filled the gas tank and reset the trip odometer. Maybe it's just a service reminder? The truck has 63000 miles. Anyway, I'd like to check and see if any codes are stored.

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I didn't get the 60k done; I like to do my own work. I changed the plugs and the air filter. What else does it get? The owner's manual doesn't say anything about maintenance intervals.
Thanks for the info!
Two of the plug wires looked questionable; I think I'll replace the wires this week, along with the rest of the service items. I bought the truck with 48000 miles on it. It was a Certified Pre-owned from the LR dealer, so I'll assume the belt was replaced (I'll give it a careful look, anyway).

Thanks again!
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