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Obd diagnostic adapter codes

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Hi every one
I had rebuild my engine from the bottom to the top .but l'm facing a little vibration. ...!?! So I've used an obd diagnostic tool and this is the result

Need help what to do


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So when you tapped the P1319 what were the sub codes?
could be spark or knock and it makes a difference. If the sub codes were spark voltage i would call a major vacuum leak somewhere in the top end throwing them all.
if it is knock related then it could possible be fuel supply or injection too but more likely a problem with the plug leads.
I would guess major vacuum leak but you need to post the sub codes under P1319.
When I cleared the codes and used the car for one hour and checked them again only the first two codes appeared
That's what's up


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New update
No codes after cleaning MAF
yet the car vibrates and loosing pawor. ......what to check next?
Hello any one


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