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OBD II Codes - what do these mean?

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Hello all you range techs! The Disco II is throwing the following codes

I bought a cheap OBD II code reader off eBay, and these are the numbers it shows. It cleared them once, and I rechecked when it threw the check engine light again.... all four codes.

Only one shows up in the OBD II code book (0734 incorrect 4th gear ratio???)

What do these all mean???????????

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When it fails, the transmission tends to shift a little differently, you may smell rich exhaust and can hesitate from a stop. My 99 has the same problem, luckily the unit is not too expensive.
Mike J.
I have a one code for a MAF failure, went out and got some good contact cleaner from Radio Shack. It did clean all the crude from the sensor, improved the power but I still have a flat spot from a stop and some shifting problems and I can still smell some bad exhaust all of which is typical with a bad MAF.
By the way, cleaning or replacing will not turn off the check engine light, you'll still need a scanner.
The good new is Atlantic British has a good price, around $140, for a new MAF.
Mike J.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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