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I just purchased a 1995 Discovery, and I'm really pleased with it. However on my first highway drive, I noticed a REALLY odd phenomenon. The odometer (and tripometer) register about 1 km for every 2 km I travel. The speedometer is pretty much dead on, but the odometer is out to lunch by about 50%. Now, it runs fine, so I'm not all that choked about it obviously having more km's that I thought, but it does mean I have to adjust my maintenance interval and I am confused as to how the speedo can work, but not the odo. Or maybe I'm actually travelling a 260 km/h. HA! Tires are factory size and all that.

Any help much apprecitated. TIA!

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It may be this.....

Hi there from Adam :drive:

I am not totally familiar with Discos yet. However, The odometer is connected in some way either by a rotating cable or by a receiver/sender to some electronics. The cable, connected to the tranny, develops a break or a knot and so eventually fails. You will actually see a slowdown in the marking on the odometer.
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