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We went for a day’s laning in Mid Wales around the Llangollen area and took a lot of video so I split the day up into 3 films covering the best lanes we did. An eventful day to say the least with a busted UJ on a Defender 110, a snapped shock on a DISCO and a failed steering arm and pan hard rod on my own 110. These laning days are getting expensive!!!

The V Gulley is an old favourite that you should always try to do if you are in the Mid Wales area. Every time we do it the terrain changes and whilst it seemed a bit easier than usual, one of our guys had on a big roof rack this time and believe me that didn't work well. Let’s just say it’s got a fair few new bends in it now and nearly ripped his roof off!

Lowrangers 4x4 Green Laning in Wales on the V Gulley - YouTube
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