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Using the starter to get out of bad off-camber situations can be a life saver. Disconnect the coil lead first.
The starter will move the truck without the sudden engagement that can happen with a clutch. Jerky movements can often cause a roll, so the use of the starter to move the vehicle is the best way out of a bad situation.

Sometimes you could be stalled, mid obstacle. The choice is either back off or finish the obstacle, and using the starter motor can sometimes be the easiest way back out or over.
The starter is smooth because it has no jerky engagement like the clutch and it will turn the engine slower than it turns at idle. It is the ultimate crawl ratio, but only engage the starter for short periods at a time, 15-20 seconds maximum. Allow the starter to cool down before cranking again.

If possible, use the lowest gear to minimise strain on the starter.
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