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This a pay your own way event. This means even me the organizer pays my own way to attend. Organizing drives is my hobby and I enjoy putting the events on. I also pay for the website and store system out of my own pocket to make sharing information and registering easier on everyone.

Offroad Poker Trail Run II (Deuces) – July 18th

The offroad poker run is a meant to be a group trail run to allow those without GPS or other gear to participate. This also means that participants can help each other in case of an emergency. However some of you more experienced off roaders would most likely want to run on your own we have that option. This is NOT a competition but a fun run with a game attached to it. There will be a crew going ahead, setting up a flag and a check points so you know where grab your next playing card. Simple as that.

Starting point:
Pilot Travel Center
465 Pilot Rd
Fernley, NV 89408

Sparks NV:
BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse
425 Sparks Blvd
Sparks, NV 89434

The $50 costs cover the following:
- $15 - Poker buy-in
- $30 - Decals (number of your choice as shown below)
- - - Decals do not harm your paint and are a pick and stick product. Test to 189 MPH and stayed on.
- $5 - PayPal Fee

Register for the trail drive here:

The poker run trail game:

Players: A team consists of the participants riding in a single rig. A team can consist of a single driver, or as many passengers vehicle can legally hold. We encourage this as a family or couples event as the trails are as smooth as trails can get and is meant to be a fun outing.

Objective: This is a 5 card game with deuce’s being wild this time. Participants can stay in a group or if they want to do their own thing can drive ahead to the check points to pick up the next playing card. Check points will be noted by a flag so you know you to jump out and grab a playing card.

How to Play: At the start of the event, teams are given a packet with GPS locations (street addresses and times checkpoints are open). At each checkpoint teams will be able to choose their playing card.

Distance covered: The group will cover 140 miles off offroad trails and no pavement till the drive to the restaurant.

NOTES: This is not a time and distance rally or the fastest car wins event. This is a meant to be a fun trail event with a “game” added to it to make it different. Goal of the outing is to be fun and social not a race!

There is no “civilized” restroom on this run so plan accordingly.

How to Win: This Poker Run is about the experiences and the adventure, but the prizes at the end are not bad either ;-). The winning team is the one with the best hand at the end at the lunch stop. Payouts are given to the teams with the top three hands.

Payout: First place receives 70%, second place receives 20%, and third place receives 10%. The more participants there are, the bigger the pot will be. All fees collected go to the event as noted below.

Costs: $30 for decal with number of your choice, $15 poker buy in, $5 for maps and PayPal collection fee (GRR)

Lunch: BJ Brewery. Chain restaurant but best / closest option for the group.

Maps: GPS map files will be sent to those who register for the event. Printed maps will be made for those who don't have a GPS or GPS app.

Weather: If the weather turns south on us, a full refund will be given a week prior to the event. After that partial refunds will be give as decals will have been printed. They will be mailed to you if canceled and a new date selected to do the run.

Register for the trail drive here:

Current claimed numbers as of this post:


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The pre-run of the planned Poker Run II route is complete. Details of the final plan were placed on hold, as the first pre-run the ROC group did revealed the proposed route was not going to work. To quote one of the crew members, it was "soul sucking slow". The ROC crew went out and tested a modified route, which offers a nice mix of terrain and is what we will be using for the run. Get ready to have fun in the dirt on July 18th.

Final details for Poker Run II

Deadline to sign up is July 14th. Decals are ordered the following day.

As with the first poker run, please try to be at the starting address by 7:30am, as we need to pass out decals and event packets. The sooner we get that and our drives meeting done, the sooner we hit the trail.

Meet time - 7:30am

Depart ~ 8:00am

NEW START ADDRESS: Flying J - 480 Truck Inn Way, Fernley, NV 89408

Those with trailers: If you are bringing your off roader via trailer, you can leave the trailer at the Pilot Travel Center and then caravan with the group the 14 miles down the freeway to the trail head. Alternatively, there is a area at the trail start you can also drive to and unload and leave the trailer.

We are changing the lunch / after run stop to a local brewery, as we try to support the local guys when we can.

Great Basin Brewing Company:
Address: 846 Victorian Ave, Sparks, NV
Planned arrive time is ~ 3:00pm

Current claimed numbers:


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The following trip report covers the two Pre Runs of the poker run trails for the Deuces event. The initial trail was based on an old VORRA map and looked promising for a great run. Between the two different days of trail runs, the ROC team covered over 300 miles of trails and had zero issues. In some stretches of the trail, the crew was able to run up to 100 mph, while in other stretches the ROC crew suffered through 10 mph crawler trails.

Below are some of the highlight images of the Pre-runs.

Here is the video of both days of Pre-running:

Pre-run 1 - The start of the trail was not horrible, but was a bit of a climb. There wasn't anything too crazy, but little did the crew know what was in store. Keep in mind, this was after the BIG rain storms in Reno and the crew was out there while some lingering showers were still around.

After the initial climb and a short flat section the crew came to what is quoted as the start of the "soul sucking trail" sections; slow crawler trails that the jeep guys love, but Raptor and Truck owners hate.

After the first of these soulless trails, the group hit some great flat trails before starting the second set of climbs. This turned into a second set of soulless trails, but did offer a great view of the valley that the main course will be run on.

Coming out of the last climb section, the trail opened up and hope was restored that some of the day would not be a total loss. The trail started off so so, and then ended with a fast trail as storms raged all around the crew. Lighting could be seen striking a lake bed, which was awe inspiring and kind of nerve racking all at the same time. After 140 miles, the crew exited the trail feeling gloomy because the route looked so promising but ended up as a painful endeavourer. But more on the fix next.


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With sun rising on a new pre run day, it brought hope of better trails and a run that would be memorable in a good way. Leaving way too early, two Raptors and a bone stock F350 headed up the hill to meet the NV members of the ROC crew to pre run the new trail.

The crew meet up at the planned starting point to top off with fuel and head to the trail head. 14 miles of pavement and the crew was there. Everyone aired down and snapped a quick group photo before hitting the dirt.

The first part of the new planned route started off fast and fun. There were still some remnants of the big rain storms with small washout bumps and some gullies that you needed to take easy on, but there were no major issues. After some fast trails, the crew turned off to a side trail that was technical but still fast and fun.

Following the technical trail was a fast county road trail. The crew was able to make great time and had some fun drifting around some corners. Reaching the first check point, the crew took a group photo in front of the "Aeromater" windmill. Not spending too much time there, the crew hit the trail to checkpoint 2.

On the way to check point two, the crew went on what I like to call "adventure trail." The reason for this is there is a trail... kind of. It was faint, but you could see it and it was a different change of pace to desert blasting. After this short adventure section, the group split into two. One group took the main route and the other group took the hook trail around the mountain. This section was added to the planned loop for everyone and made for a great canyon shot. This route also lead to finding a lot of "ass" on the trail. Coming out of this section, you could see the dry lake bed that the trail was making a big loop around.

The two groups met at check point two and had lunch. The back half of the trail was a mix of FAST and easy turns. You still had to be on guard for wash outs, but over all they were fast and fun trails. Waiting at check point two, I was able to get a pick of the 2001 F350 bone stock with 250K on it. We affectionately called it "stage coach," as it just kept going. Bear in mind, the trail was no powder puff trail. On one major wash out, the driver had to work to get in and out because it was that steep.

At the end of the trail, the crew made a quick stop at the Nightingale Mine. Our group likes to go out to find things vs. just running in the desert. So this was one of the many areas we have mapped to go check out. After taking a quick group photo, we explored the area for a bit. There's not much left as you can see, but the mine shaft was still open as were a few others. Watch your step.

From the mine, it was a short 30 mile run to the end of the trail. Covering 145 and 165 miles, respectively (the group that split did more, HAHA), we averaged 40 mph and a few members were cruising in the 90s at points. This run promises to be a lot of fun and offer a great mix of terrain for a day run. See you all on the 18th and remember the deadline to sign up is the 14th so that decals can be made and the restaurant can be notified of how many people to expect.

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The second poker run Deuces Wild is now in the books. The winners were - first place with straight flush, Toyota, Second place with 3 of a kind, Raptor, and Third place with 2 pair, Toyota..

See all the images of the trip here:

Start of the poker run was bright and early at 7:30am in Fernley. Everyone was checked in and decals and event packets passed out. After a short drivers meeting the group made their way to the start of the trails and started the air down process. The group consisted of 30 vehicles from, Ford F150, Raptor, Dodge 3500, F350's, Jeep's, Toyota's of all forms from Land Cruiser, Tacoma, Tundra, and FJ.

The first leg to check point one was the slowest section of trails followed by a great whoops section. This was also the rockiest section and led to two participants getting flat tires. Working together these flat tires where quickly changed thanks to an impact gun and a teenager with a strong back HAHA . All the participants made it to the first checkpoint for a group photo and social time.

Heading to check point two was the last of the rough trails. With all the recent rains the washouts that were marked in pre-run were larger and in some cases deeper. This slower section was short and ended on a main trail that allowed participants to open things up to checkpoint 2. One of the Toyota’s on this section broke a shock mount as he just put the truck together the weekend before. Luckily, he was able to remove the shocks and just run the torsion bar. Everyone made it to the checkpoint 2 at the desert oasis.

Checkpoint 3 was the longest running section. This was all about speed and making dust. The last part of this section heading into checkpoint three was the fun section. Here the group went up and down rollers for a mini desert rollercoaster.

The last leg of dirt to checkpoint 4 was a mix of smooth trails and rougher trails from the recent rains. Biggest issues on this leg was the dust that was not clearing out, as there was no wind clear it off the trail. One of the Ford Raptor participants on this section was stuck in a rut and the Jeep known as “RRT” Raptor Rescue Team pulled him out. After this rescue, the rest of the trail was covered quickly and everyone arrived at checkpoint 4 only 40 minutes off the predicted time. After 158 miles of trail covered and very little issues, everyone started to air up to head to the restaurant for checkpoint 5. At this time, one of the team members tried to go in and out of a bowl of mud and promptly got stuck. Guess who was happy to yet again rescue a Raptor. You got it RRT to the rescue. That means in two events he has saved three raptors.

Full length video is being edited and will be posted in the coming weeks. For now here is some clips taken by the drone at checkpoint 1 whoops section.
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