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Sounds like you have de-synchronized your dash to the BCU. It is to stop folks from resetting the odometer, and you need to resync it.

A Nanocom can do it, under BCU menu. I think a Hawkeye could do it, too, but I am not sure.

There are 2 options - One takes the value stored in the Body Control Unit (BCU) and then replace the dash odo reading with that one. The other option does the opposite.

CAUTION - with the Nanocom there is no way to know which one of these values is the correct one AND the wording on the menu is very misleading !

I would always rather write from dash value to BCU - in other words, you sync the BCU with the ODO value you can see on the dash.

Once both values correspond the flashing stops.

Only when you buy a replacement dash, for instance, would you sync the stored value in the BCU to the dash in order to reflect the honest value of your vehicle. I can only assume the fiddling with the odo will fool the system into thinking you changed dashboards. Um, you weren't trying to knock a few miles off, were you?
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