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Oh Boy O Boy Did I Get Stuck..

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WELL I WAS AT HOLLISTER AND DID GREAT ALL DAY AND HERE ARE THE PICS AT THE END OF TEH DAY.WELL I BROKE MY NEW HELLA FOG LAMPS.and the number plate is all mangelled up,and so is the plastic bumper skirt..
have fun lookin at them..
it took a jeep ,a bronco and a old ford commercial truck of some kind to get me out of there..they used their wintch's too..hahaha :buttrock: :clap: :D
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Stuck in same spot

i got stuck in the same spot a few months ago, except it was raining.
Got out

When i got out i kept driving like nothing happened. i was in there for a good 15-20 mins and no water got in. :clap:

Quicksilva said:
What are they?
These are Interco Thornbirds! I love em!

These tires have wings coming out of the side, and in ruts, they help a lot! :rellye
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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