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Oil Change Intervals.

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I have noticed that owners in the United States tend to change their engine oil more frequently than here in Europe. Why is this? :dunno:
A typical oil change interval here is 12000 miles or more and the engines don’t seem to suffer. Is there a shorter recommendation in the US? Is the oil not as good? Conditions more severe? Oil company advertising better? ;)
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Yeah, I've noticed that too.

There does seem to be a movement away from the 3000 mile oil change here, especially since manufacturers are now recommeneding longer intervals between changes.

Depending on the oil and the driving conditions, I'll usually change the oil in our vehicles somewhere between 3-5000 miles though. I figure since I mostly make short trips in low temps in winter, that's fine for a 3000 mile change. In summer, I'll go longer.

Now, if I ever had the cash to get a new vehicle, I'd probably stick with this sort of regimen. IMO it's cheap insurance to change the oil more frequently, especially with a new car.

I also consider a car to die a premature death if I can't get it to 200k miles. I'm not sure how long you drive for in Europe...

Do I run those expensive oils? Not usually. The wife's Toyota does have Rotella 5w40 in it now, but that's about $3 a quart for synthetic...not too bad.

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