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So my 2013 Sport check engine light came on for low oil and it showed the minimum level. I added 2 and light stayed on so added two more and light went out but was still reading low. I drove it to auto parts to get more I checked oil and it still read minimal so i put two more for total of 6. Foolishly I thought it took 8. Now my car is totally dead. It drove fine after I put the first 4 with no warning lights but after I put the last 2 it had trouble starting and now is totally dead. I'm towing it to my local guy and praying I didn't blow my engine. I was having battery issues in the extremely cold but it been starting ok lately so hopely its a battery issue and not a blown engine,


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My first thought is WOW
Second thought is get the proper amount of oil in it, deal with the battery issue
And cross your fingers it hasn’t blown up or blown out seals / gaskets
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