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Edit* I posted this to the wrong Disco forum. I meant to post it on the Discovery Series II.

That's why I couldn't find it, ha ha. Please disregard Post.

Hello All,
2000 Disco II 173k, codes p1171 and p1174 lean codes for bank a and b upstream.

I'm looking for opinions... I did a sea foam cleanse through my intake a few months ago. A day or two later I was getting the lean codes. Next I notice my oil pressure lamp is illuminate at start up and sometimes will stay until I give it some gas. I can hear the engine as it is waiting for oil to be circulated, It sounds rough. As soon as the oil lamp goes out everything sounds and runs fine.

I believe the codes are a possible vacuum leak. If I have a vacuum leak would that possibly be causing a problem with low oil pressure too?
Maybe sea foam dislodged debris and clogging the pick up strainer?
A couple more details... My oil fill cap and the neck below need replaced as the neck will spin and not tighten properly. My oil pump failed a couple years ago so I installed a new one.
Opinions please?
Thanks for your help!
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