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OK I'm Selling It Now: 2006 LR3 HSE, Rare HD Package, Fully Loaded and with Mods

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SOLD: 2006 LR3 HSE, Rare HD Package, Fully Loaded and with Mods

Location: South Florida, USA

Short Description: Zambezi Silver and Alpaca Beige, 2006 LR3 HSE with 123,000 miles, 3rd Row Seats, with expensive and trail/expedition mods, includes; Heavy Duty Package, Luxury Package, Cold Climate Package, Tow Package, Rear Seat and Climate Package, SIRIUS Radio Package, Roof Cross Bars, Activity Connectivity Module, Logic 7 Stereo, Entertainment System, Reverse Camera Setup, Steel Bumpers, Tire Carriers, Power Inverter, Winch, Skids, RS Sliders, Lifted, Dual Batteries, Air Compressor, Barrier Cage, Rubber Floor Mats, EAS Manual Inflate System, etc., etc., and also etc.; also a clean Carfax report.

Super well maintained, tons of new parts, and comes with a whole lot of spares, accessories, parts, excellent maintenance and is very clean. For details on all things please see the files on the SmugMug site, they are too big to load here, which include prices and descriptions, go to browse - JZ-is-Fishing for a complete set of Photos and folders of photos.

PRICE: $23,500

Known Problems: Absolutely None...

Contact me at [email protected]

Note: Also selling my recovery gear, see on SmugMug site for photos and or details.
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Do you have a video playing on the nav screen???

Use the GVIF Module for LR, find it online, ship from China, it can also be used to run a reverse camera. I included a switch/relay so I can also toggle the camera on and off at will, along with the video, while driving, plus camera comes on automatically when reverse is selected.

There are a lot of good write-ups about it in the disco UK forum also.

Rig is sold though
Can you blast me the link to that info? I'm interested in doing the same in my LR3. Congrats on the sale!
Don't have it any more but you will find it for sale on eBay and possibly amazon, just type in Land Rover GVIF Module, you'll find it.
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