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OME lift/longevity

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Anybody have a ball park figure as to how long the shocks and or springs hold up on an Old Man Emu suspension/lift? I installed mine in 2007 and coming up on 100,000 miles driven with the lift. Of those miles 40,000 of them was a pretty much maxed out load. It is the medium 2 inch lift by the way. I understand that OME has come out with a new sport shock since- has any one had a before and after experience with those?

Thanks in advance.
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I have a little over 110,000 miles on my 751's/762's, they have held up well but the shocks are gone and I'll be replacing them with the Aport Shock
So no need to worry about the springs then? Why have you decided to get the sport shock?

Thanks Mike.
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