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OME medium or heavy duty springs?

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Looking for some perspective on MD or HD OME springs with OME shocks for my 2004 Discovery. I have a front bush bar (no winch) and may install a roof rack. Most of the time I'm empty around town BUT do load up the load space with my dogs/gear and do some fire road/off road driving. My concern with the HD springs is that they will be too stiff for pavement but I don't want to go to the trouble of installing MD springs and find that when I put my wife/dogs/gear in the truck that I'm getting too much squat. I realize that this is not an easy question to answer but appreciate your guys' thoughts on springs. Thank you.
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Go with MD. It's more than strong enough for the equipment you have installed and it'll still afford some level of comfort on the pavement.

HD springs come into play when the truck is used for heavy towing or weighed down with HD steel bumpers, rock sliders, ladders, light bars, roof racks, winch, expedition gear, etc. A lightweight truck with HD springs wills shake your fillings loose.
That makes lots of sense. Thank you very much for your answer.
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