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OME springs + Bilstein 7100's

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Alright....I want to upgrade my shocks (and I think I broke one anyway). Im looking at the Bilstein 7100's w/ the kit that RTE makes. The kit is $1225 with RTE springs, or I could buy w/o springs for about $930.

I really like my OME springs and they have nearly no resale value, so im wondering.....should I get the RTE springs or just use my OME springs?

Ive got it set up where I have 3" spring in front and a 2" in the back w/ a spacer. On the other hand the RTE springs are probably more like 3.5-4in so I would gain flex and some height.

What do you guys think? Keep OME or go all RTE?
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Hvae you looked into any of the Scorpion Racing stuff...I read nothing bu great stuff about them on the UK forums! AND, they batter quality!
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