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OME springs + Bilstein 7100's

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Alright....I want to upgrade my shocks (and I think I broke one anyway). Im looking at the Bilstein 7100's w/ the kit that RTE makes. The kit is $1225 with RTE springs, or I could buy w/o springs for about $930.

I really like my OME springs and they have nearly no resale value, so im wondering.....should I get the RTE springs or just use my OME springs?

Ive got it set up where I have 3" spring in front and a 2" in the back w/ a spacer. On the other hand the RTE springs are probably more like 3.5-4in so I would gain flex and some height.

What do you guys think? Keep OME or go all RTE?
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personaly, im most likely going with the RTE springs when i lift, but if the OMEs work for you, why change?

it doesnt look like the price for springs changes if you get them with the whole kit, so you could always switch later if you really want to.

either way you go wouldnt be a bad descision, as far as im concerned.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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