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So, She is finally registered and on the road. If anyone has read my previous posts, yeah its been a challenge. Replaced the MAF with a junk yard one, Cleaned it and she started right up and have had no other issues.

I have put a couple hundard miles on it with no check engine light coming on. Replaced the radiator with one from a junk yard. Dosn't leak nearly as much now as it used too. Still trying to get all the air out of the heater core though. Seem to be having a hard time with that. The temp guage is normal and never has gone up either. I am just hoping that its not a head gasket or cracked head allowing exhaust gases into the cooling system. Been getting pretty good gas mileage so far.

Had to redo the rear brakes and wheel bearings after the Previous owner decided not to put the lock nut on the wheel bearing and it backed off. Then alowing axle greese to coat the rear wheel and brake pads. Not to mention they didn't put the springs in the rear calipers either and caused the pads to fall down and hit the rotor.

Still need to take a look at the front end. I am worried that they didn't set the bearings correctly there either. Also have an ABS light on that I need to get the code for. Abs is working, but not on all the wheels. Anyone have any input, to the air bubble or anything please respond. :)
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