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Well, i have had a loud hum of a sort in my oil pump, and with the horror stories I have heard, I jumped on getting it rebuilt. so I get to dropping my oil pan and and taking off my front cover, at first sight, my oil pan, a disaster. My oil pan had an inch of carbonized crap in the bottom of it.... so i feared the worst when i pulled my front cover off, my timing chain was a tooth loose, and the front cover was a little gunk'd up. Then i take the retainer plate off of my oil pump to swap the gears, and my retainer plate had grooves cut into it very small just enough to feel them, my mech. said that could cause inadequate oil pressure my mechanic also said my crankshaft could have alot of play in it and we might have to do the main bearings....:bawling: turns out i had .15 mm of play in the crank shaft ( within spec ) and that the only excuse my mechanic could come up with the failed oil pump was that my oil was never changed, hense the timing chain stretched and bad carbonized oil in the pan. well any ideas of something else that couldve done this? also, my retainer plate is bad, but i can get it machined down by 1000th of an inch and those grooves will be gone and it'll be perfectly flat, since i dont have 400$ for a new one could this be okay? also, i need a crankshaft and camshaft timing gears, but i dont need to buy a kit, and bputah sells them but they arnt back until the 7th and i liked my car finished before then IF i can. also if im forgetting something or any tips please toss them my way.

thanks in advance for the help,
by the way previous owner was the one who neglected this car, I treat her like a queen. :) and hopefully she wont get stubburn and cause more problems.
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