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I recently purchased a 2000 Defender 110 from Germany. I took it to the local Drive Clean centre yesterday to get the emissions checked so I could register the vehicle but they said they are unable to test it because Drive Clean does not have the vehicle model and engine specifications in their database. Apparently, I have to call Drive Clean to get the vehicle approved as a 'grey vehicle' to get it tested. Does anyone have any experience with this process?
Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

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I am a tech. As well as a certified Ontario driveclean repair technician and inspector (and have been since 1999).
Have not had to deal with such a case involving an import vehicle that was not sold in this market.
Special authorization may be required because it is not in the database.
Phone 1888 758 2999
They should be able to help

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How did it importing to Canada go?

Thanks for the information. I will give drive Clean a call.
Hi brmab,

I'm new to this forum, but very interested in hearing how your driveclean etc. went? I'm also from Ontario, living in France for a year, and trying to find a 2000 or early 2001 Defender 110 to import back to Canada. It sounds a little daunting, given all the unkonwns, but any advice or experience you have had would really be appreciated.

What I think I know so far:
1. Canada Border Services only cares that the vehicle be 15+ years old, so no problem
2. Ontario Drive Clean will need this "grey market" vehicle application done, and then I have to hope it will pass the tailpipe two-stage idle test
3. I don't know about the Ministry of Transportation safety rules yet, since it has no air-bags etc.

Thanks for any advice you or anyone else having imported a Land Rover to Canada may have,


timusk at hotmail dot com
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