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Well about 6 years since I bough my first disco.
It was a decent but high mileage 2000 d2.
Needles some work but nothing major. Good fixer upper and hey only $1000 bucks!
Shortly after I came across a cheap 2001 , soft frame, brake lines rotten etc. But bought it as a parts truck to fix up some stuff on my 2000. Was well worth the $700 I paid for it at the time. Got lots of good bits off of it and more than got my money back selling other stuff off of it before sending it to car heaven.
Definitely got the bug at this point
Bought another one just for giggles, 1997, a little rough but all there this one was only $450.
Before I could even get too far into it, a local guy saw it on my lot and convinced me to sell it to him. All I did was give it a wash and more than doubled my money.
Continued having my fun with my original 2000, added a rack, lights, D1 front bumper refinished the headliner etc. And continued to enjoy it on a daily basis.
I came across a super clean 2002 low mileage, California import never seen winter. Beautiful truck needed a water pump and a front bumper. Did a 2inch lift, terrafirma plus 2 inch and steering stabilizer, 275/65R18 Cooper discoverer SST (bought nearly new tires on Hurricane wheels for $100.
Thouroughy love this truck!
Decided to part with my old and getting tired 2000 which now had 280,000 km on it.
Parted it out, kept some stuff as spares, sold a bunch of stuff, kept what I thought I might need or might sell and so far likely have close to my original $1000 back from it in parts.
Well today I picked up a solid, clean 2004 front bumper is cracked, headliner is sagging, passenger door glass smashed in and leaking some coolant and quite a bit of power steering "juice".
Will check it out thoroughly this week but ........ $400

So anyone thinking that you need to spend $4000, 5000, 10,000 to get yourself a workable disco.
Merry Christmas everyone?

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You seem to have a knack for getting great deals. Congratulations and Merry Christmas!
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