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Operating a Superwinch (Fairey) Overdrive

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Hi all

I have just got my hands on a second hand overdrive unit, yet to be installed, and despite having the original manual, I am a little confused about the operation of the unit.

It is clear to me (from the manual), that to engage the unit you press the lever forward, and to disengage you pull it back. However where does the neutral position fit into all of this, or is there no such thing? :dunno:

Firstly Does the standard gearbox work as normal if the overdrive is in neutral.
Secondly, once I have disengaged the overdrive, do I have to move the lever back to the neutral postion.

My logic tells me that this should work like the transfer box i.e. its in the disengaged postion until told otherwise.

Your help would be appreciated.


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re over drive

well thank u all i am getting an over drive for my ser 2a and now i am totally confused u have done the world a great servise thank u all happy motoring i think i will walk home
:clap: :beer:
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