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I was so ready to build a bumper this weekend, guess not money needs to be spent elsewhere, I have a few problems to address.

1. My master cylinder - While I was replacing a PS hose, I noticed a leak coming from the bottom of the reservoir. Need your opinion, Do I buy the repair kit? Or just the OEM Lucas one from bputah (seems to be the cheapest site)

2. My ACE system High Pressure line - A while back there was damage to one of the lines, it had to be replaced with a line half of the size in length (bought from dealer) and had to use a high pressure coupling. Now, its cracked just under the coupling, because the mechanic who put it in, didn't put the rubber spacer in between and it vibrated against another line and cracked.

3. My Power steering pump - I just replaced it, I heard a suction noise, and then it a made loud whine. it ran for 4 seconds with the noise, after I turned it off. I thought it was the line from the Res to Pump, since it was leaking. I replaced it, and the noise is louder. I think it could be from air in there, but honestly am too much of a pussy to try and bleed it with that noise. Its under warranty but I do not want to replace it again, its very time consuming and I have a 25 page research paper to do. :bawling: My pump was a bit sluggish, always was after I replaced it, I'm not sure if that's normal, but is there any specific way to bleed the pump? I do not want to damage it further if damaged.

I think my rover is a girl, there is always a pump whining or shes just being stubborn and not wanting to start. I really do want to dress her up nice and give her lots of nice things, but the bitch ain't cooperating!
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