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I just bought a 1994 Classic Vogue SE Tdi and need to replace the tyres.

I'd like to get M+S tyres that look like the original ones, or look like they could be original. I often feel Classic Range Rovers look a bit under-tyred so I think it might be best to get ones that are slightly larger in width and diameter than the original spec. Off road performance isn't a high priority for me - good handling and low road noise are more important.

It seems Blockley make tyres similar to the early factory fitted ones:

And Michelin make ones similar to the tyres factory fitted from the mid-80s onwards: X M+S 244 | Michelin Classic

I haven't been able to find any tyres that would be slightly larger than these but still look period-correct. Any suggestions of other possibilities would be very helpful.

Does anyone have experience of the above Blockleys and Michelins?

I would be very interested to see photos of any of these tyres on a Classic - especially a side-view of the whole vehicle.
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