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4WD Driver Training School - Excursions - Adventure
190 Airway Blvd. Livermore, California. 94551. USA.

Phone 925-606-8301/Fax 925-606-8302

Check out our web site at…

Valid BLM permit for operation


June 19-20 Beginner & Intermediate (or GPS)

July 17-18 Beginner & Intermediate (or GPS)

Aug 6-8 Across Nevada in 1908… the New York to Paris race route.

Aug 14-15 Beginner & Open to your request

Aug 27-29 Applegate-Lassen Trail, History revisited

Sept 11 Open House at WCB Livermore

Sept 12 All British Car Meet, Palo Alto, CA.

Sept 25-26 Beginner & Open to your request

Oct 16 Dino Day Adventure

Oct 23 NVTR-II in miniature… Goecachers welcome!

Oct 30 Beginner

Nov 20-21 Beginner & Open to your request

Dec 18-19 Beginner Winter Driving Fun & Open to your request


Beginner Class; are normally held on a Saturday.

Winch/Recovery Class available upon request throughout the year.

Navigational Class; GPS, Compass, Maps, Hands-on use… Available throughout the year.

Weekday Classes Available; Special One-on-One classes available during the week… Call.

Please surf our web site throughout the year for more on these and other events.

“ORE” May 19, 2004
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