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Guys, I'm watching that new show on Discovery Channel called Going Tribal..where this guy goes around the world spending time with different tribes. So I was thinkin to myself...If I were asked to, had to, OR were all of a sudden to find myself isolated from modern scociety, how would I do?

One thing is certain, If I'm anywhere near a body of water, because I was born an ocean lover and know the way of the ocean, I would most certainly survive. But if it were somehwere RIGHT in the middle of Africa for example, away from the coastlines, again, how would I hold up?

I've always thought to myself, specially after watching the film Cast Away, that I would LOVE to live out in the wild...

But realistically long could one go?

What could one FROM the modern world live with and without?

If I had my rover with me, it would be my tool, and form of entertainment...

How do you think you would do?

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I Did quite a lot of Survival training in my life, and still enjoy going into the bush with the minimum gear & food to test my skills.

(In Southern Africa, Remember it is a Dry warm place.)

1) With out water you may expect to reach 24 hrs.
2) With water Without food about 4 days
3) shelter is not very priority big here, unless you find yourself in the mountains where we do get snow in the winter.
4) wild animals, snakes and innsects are a bigger concern.

Basic survival gear that I will carry
2) Water bottel
3) Knife
4)Sun hat
5) Plastic sheet/army type poncho
6) some kind of cooking pot, tin, Dixy
7) waterproof lighter

Without 1-5 you are pretty much stuffed, from there on all is optional.
A fire arm (Espessially one with a silencer) is a nice to have, but also optional.

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Reminds me of a joke.

Several boys were asked, if lost in the woods, what three items would you want to have.

First boy: I want matches, water and a compass.
Second boy: I want matches, water and a snake kit.
Third boy: I want matches, water and a deck of cards

The third boy was asked why would he want a deck of cards... He replied simply, "Because no matter where you are, if you are playing solitair some a$$hole is going to come up and tell you which card to move".

Sorry, I could not resist!
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