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Outside Temperature Gauge_2006 LR3

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I'm curious about the ability to turn off the sound notification for the outside temperature gauge. The small chime always makes my heart fall because of the possibility that it's a suspension fault or other... I don't need a heart attack over a slight change in Fahrenheit!

Let me know if I should just ask my dealership to turn off the chime or if it's an easy fix. Thanks!
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Can't be done!

Well, to my knowledge, you, the dealer, nor anyone else can turn off the low temperature warning bing, nor can anyone turn off the key in ignition noise.

For us here in Western Canada, the setting is +4C, (about +40F), and that means every day all spring, the warning bing is going on in the morning and sometime during the day; same with the fall.

The good news is I have sort of got used to it: I now do not immediately assume the 3 has failed again.
Yeah, my complaint is that -4C (39F) is way too high to chime that. My BMW does it at 35 or something (which is close enough) and the Audi just silently puts up a snowflake. The chime sucks.
Turn up the radio, it makes all my car problems disappear. :)
Silence tends to be the norm with other manufacturers.

My wife's 2005 4Motion Passat displays the snowflake and like the Audi, is at least silent about it. My 2012 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE work truck displays a cold weather warning but also remains silent.

Yes, not being able to silence the bong on our 3's is an annoyance; I think primarily because we have been conditioned to the bongs for the most part heralding bad things.
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