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Hey all - I am toying with the idea of mounting some roof lights. I have a basket style rack that sits behind the sunroof for gear and so I do not want to mount them on that. Here is my thought:

Buy a yakima gutter mount rack, use only one bar, mount it in front of the sunroof, and wire it so it can be detached. I was thinking I could set up the wiring so it is hard wired all the way to the roof with a plug on the end. Then when I am off for some overnight fun I could attach the yakima (pretty simple job) plug her in and away I go.


I do have Hella Black Magics (love 'em) mounted to the front bumper in front of the grill already. Wondering if the roof mounts would be a smart addition or not???

Also - guessing from Ham's post I will need to juice up to a bigger altenator??

CHEERS as always!!!! :drive: :drink1:
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My thoughts on this are as follows.
Use water proof plugs. I usually go down to the salvage yard and harvest them off other vehicles.

The idea is sound, except for one thing that occurs to me. The reason you might mount them on the roof rack is for protection from branches and such.

Be sure to post a pic when your through!
Good luck.
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