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Hi all,

I overheated one day, I thought it was the thermostat, I bought a new one, put it in and the car worked fine for a few weeks, I thought my problem was solved.

Then it happened again, so I got another thermostat, but this didn't fix my problem. Looked at the fuses and realized that I had blown my #5 fuse (40A) for the radiator fan.

I replaced the fuse, drove a little (day or so) and it blew again.

I then flushed the coolant, put in a 3rd brand new thermostat and replaced ALL my fuses (I bought a bag of fifty 40A fuses from Amazon because why not).

I'm assuming that I have a short somewhere? Has anyone had this issue? What was the fix? I'm guessing it's not my thermostat at this point, right? I'd outright replace the fan but I'm worried that the actual power line to the fan might have a short in it.

I'm open to all suggestions.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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