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My Disco 2 threw a P0134, P0135, and P0155. I replaced the front two O2 Sensors and the codes came back. Repeatedly.

I have limited funds (yes, I used Bosch 15732). I have two theories:

1) The wiring from the harness back to the ECU looks old and the outside protector has dried up and cracked off. Is the wiring broken or shorted where it passes through the firewall?

2) Are one or both sensors bad?

Soooo, I connected an ohm meter to the negative on the battery and to each of the pins in the harness on the engine side. ALL of them came back with a reading, all different values. This seems to suggest that the wiring is bad.

Then I tested the resistance on the black and gray wires on the sensor and it's coming back with no connection. Shouldn't this be between 3 and 5?

Any ideas or suggestions? I'm running off questionable youtube videos at this point.
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