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Hi, I starting to become crazy!!! Here is the thing:
I have an engine noise like "metallic", "tak-tak-tak", at idle and acceleration. and some oil leaks

I went to a guy that only works with LR and he said that he had a similar case, where they thought it was from the hydraulic valves, they change them and the noise continue... so they look at the bottom where the noise was stronger and decide it was from the con rods! The client put a 2nd hand engine...

In my case, after he ear the noise closer, open the oil cap, also decide that my engine noise is also from a con rod. Instead of repair, he suggest a "new" engine and the ultimate test was put a 20w50 oil to see if the noise was less... but the same!!! still there!!!
Because I like to ear other opinions, I went to 2 LR workshops, and both said it was injection, and one of them said it was, maybe, also the hydraulics valves.
The advise of these 2 is: change oil and filter, review the injectors and the injection pump, and deal with the oil leaks (turbo, crankshaft front and back, oil cooler hoses and camshaft cover gasket)...

My dilema is. if a start doing this step by step it may became more expensive than the "new" engine with 12 months warranty..

What should I do?

Best regards and thanks
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