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The attached photo is for the linkage ( one possible way of how it may be correctly reassembled) of the front left drivers lock linkage after the outside door handle was pulled out (broke). This handle required a lot of force to open the door.

The vertical rod (silver) on the right is the one of interest, actuated when the outside door handle is pulled. The handle hub (black on the right side) catches a socket (black horseshoe shape) that pivots the rod down as the handle is pulled to the right. The rod is missing the top clip to hold the pivot socket part aligned. The pivot socket is missing (broke off) the pin that holds it in the door handle frame (dark grey).

There appear to be two holes for the pin to fit, I chose the upper hole (thus not seen) and there is a lower hole (dark grey) just below the horseshoe socket.

Does anyone have a picture of the complete handle linkage?

Would you know the names of the handle assembly parts?

I wonder if this handle linkage is repairable or replaceable with the original and working key assembly? The rigged linkage may be repairable, since it worked One Time without the missing pin.

Have yet to find a source for the door handle or the linkage parts that it may contain.

Seems that if I can pin the pivot socket in place and clip the rod the handle may work, Please advice.

Thanks for your time,

Robert Illan


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same issue?

Hi guys I'm new. I have a p38 (bosch) and am having the same type of issue as this old thread. Can we resurrect it, and ask the same question. "Does anyone have a picture of the complete handle linkage?"

I bought the beast that some one had taken a few things off of, and now I'm trying to put it back together (does anyone have a parts truck with ash grey interior?), I need the diagram so I don't lock myself out of it again trying to reinstall the drivers door handle :eek

Thank you in advance! I'm looking forward to throwing money away at a troublesome addiction (P38's)
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