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Hey fellow Rover enthusiast! I need your input. I'm about to pull my wife's P38 out of the garage after almost 3 years. When it was finally parked 3 years ago, I had just taken it to an independent Rover shop after having overheated the engine twice in one day (on the freeway). While at the shop, the vehicle was diagnosed as needing a head gasket (and after having reflected after the fact, it made sense because I was toping the coolant off every few days). In the meantime, the wife went ahead and bought a Nissan Pathfinder but has longed to drive the Rover, so it's time to fix her. So on to my questions: 1) Is there anyone on this forum that's overheated their Rover more than once and found that the extent of the damage /solution was just a head gasket as opposed to a dropped liner? 2) Has anyone on this forum every had their Rover misdiagnosed as just, the head gasket and found that they also had a dropped liner? 3) And lastly, any advice on what needs freshening up on a P38 after years of sitting, in the course of getting it running (e.g.: besides fresh oil and plugs)? Thanks!
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