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PAGING Searcaigh...

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Mr. SMITH!!...HOLY HEK...i was checkin out your club page and the Team page and OMG, I totally want to head over to Dubai one summer or something!! Amzing shots, you have a really good photographer whoever it is. That team rover is SWEEET! Im guessing the Dew Rover is new and hasnt seen much action yet, cant wait to see that green monster out there!!
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I take most of the shots for Team Saluki

This year the vehicle is the same, just new paint job for MD as LR appeared to think that coming 7th in Desert Challenge wasn't good enough (we were 5th two years ago) and let me tell you that sponsorship is meagre compared to what Mistsubishi, VW etc through at it - basically parts at cost price if we need them and some other sponsors supply cash for tyres etc.

Engine is a 4.6L V8 with some mods by Lund

Don't come in the summer its 50C + dunno what that is in degrees F, but trust me its HOT

Desert Challenge this year is 9-14 November, lots of action guaranteed :rellye
It is Sharky but that name was taken on this forum so used the Gaelic form instead being a Scot (sort of).

Any of you who frequent the LRE fora will know me as Sharky on there as well as ME4x4

All to do with my obsession for photographing Sharks many years ago ...
Most of my land shots over the past year and a bit were taken using a Nikon D100, and few with a D70 but that normally lives in an underwater housing.

Previous digitals include a Sony F707, and in the beginning I used my F3 and F801 shooting slides for magazine reports on Team Saluki and other Middle East Articles for LRE
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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