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Painting Fender Flares

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Does anyone know what type of paint is used to paint the fender flares on a DII, I tried to search for it but was unsuccessful? Thanks in advance.
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I thought it's just a black plastic mold didn't even know they colored it at least mine our just black plastic
Not painted.
I'm sure you can paint them black just matters how much your willing to spend take them to get coated or maybe dipped might be cool
Just scuff 'em and paint them any color you'd like.

I used truck bed liner:

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They are just held on with 2 strips of 2 sided foam tape( available at most any body shop supplier) I agree not originally painted but could be scuffed up and painted. Self etching primer and a paint with some flex to it to avoid cracking

Thanks for all the advice I will let you know how it comes out.
I used Dupli Color bumper paint. My flares were badly oxidized so I sanded the whole thing gently to try and get a uniform finish. Also if silicone has been used on them, you need to get it off. The best solvent for silicone oil is carb cleaner or hexane and toluene both work well.

I masked them off and painted them in situ. I did a lot of thin coats, letting it dry for 20 mins between each.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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