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Hello team.

I may need a good divorce attorney as I bought another VERY tired 2004 Disco 2....Shes going to kill me! Hahaha.

2004 Disco 2
120k miles

My goal is to save this truck and keep it on the road.

This one was a friends and was super cheap. It needs the rear section of the frame replaced for certain. I have a specialist to do this work for me and I have a couple questions for you all please.

So, I dont know if I will need 1/4 or 1/2 chassis replacement just yet but while its all apart, what all should I consider replacing while this work is being done?

The suspension is newer (TF +2 shocks, OME 3 inch lift) so Im good there.
I know it needs a brake bleed so I will have all new fluid refreshed (I have an iLand tool for bleeding properly)
It needs a wheel speed sensor on one of the rear corners so thats on the list.
Are there any kinds of straps to hold the fuel tank in place?
Is there anything that tends to break upon disassembly or things that just make sense to replace?
Anything else you all can think of?

Thank you!

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If the rear section is rotted/weak have a really good look at the front section facing inboard especially drivers side at the catalytic converter. Also check the front floor pans especially at the front seams going up to the firewall.
Probably best to remove the fuel tank considering all the cutting, grinding and welding that will be required
Front suspension have a close look at shock turrets.
Good luck explaining it all to the Mrs.
Jewelry works well 😉
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