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Hey guys,
While being stored for the last year, my 2000 DII developed a sunroof leak, ultimately ending in a waterlogged electrical system. (everything under the passenger dash, and kick panel) :-(
After an exhausting attempt to sort it with no luck, I've decided to part her out.
I'm the original owner, bought new in Nov 99. Only mods are a D1 transfer case shifter (I bought it from Lebaneseshowoff when he rolled his DII), and I converted over to springs from AB, everything else is stock. I have newer arnott bags still.
Has a newer power steering pump, its 2 years old and only has 2700 miles on it.
Water pump is new, one year old but only driven 5 miles after it was installed.
Interior is tan (I think LR calls it camel) leather and in pretty good shape. Headliner is trashed from water leak.
Has rear jump seats.
Let me know what you want, and I'll send pics, and try my best to give you a really good deal.
If you're in Oregon, you can come by and see it pretty much anytime.
I couldn't remember my old password, and no longer have the old email so this is a new account, been a trusted member of this site for years under the screen name jwarn11.

I can be reached by text at 54one-2two2-nine3six8
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