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Parting my wrecked p38. Exterior is willows green, although not much of it left. Interior is a combo of black, tan/walnut and lightstone. all lightstone elements are spoken for.

Carpet, new headliner, pillar trim, suede grab handles, seats and upper dash are available.
all dash electronics

Drivetrain is destroyed and frame bent, Brake hardware is usable. Engine I am keeping for another project.

Other goodies:
95-98 fuse box. bought new earlier this year, then upgraded it with silver solder traces. will throw in 2 high amp relays for RL6/7.
early headunit with no dead pixels, 02' model blowers.
Factory wood set with nav, Moreso that the normal rangies. the whole center console is burl walnut.
99-02 abs system, steel pistoned master cylinder, 02' model pump.
Plastic thermostat delete kit that I designed and built.
Heavy duty custom panhard rods, 1.5" OD .25" thick DOM tube with heim joints.
Audi heater core, flipped and resoldered for easy bleeding.
EAS conversion +2" lift. CNC aluminum top hats, +2" springs. AB eas module and resister plugs for the height sensors.
becm/ecu/cluster/key-lock set. 162K miles. for GEMS P38s only. 2 keys, the ignition, door lock, all 4 door locks. ECU settings are for a 4.6.
rancho steering damper thats only a few months old and still usable.
I also have a set of factory rubber floor mats, light guards, factory full rack, and a cargo liner thats kinda beatup but usable.
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