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The last time I ran the truck thru a car wash it knocked the passenger side front fender blinker light off. The connecting wire fell back inside the fender. I bought the replacement (and the bulb since it is not included) at the local LR dealer. I had a bit of time finding access to the interior of the fender. First I removed the passenger side footwell fascia but that only exposed a bunch of relays with no access to the fender cavity. Then I looked in the wheel well of the fender but no easy way to get at it from there. Finally I discovered openings in the door well that are obscured by the door. At first I thought I was doomed to unhinge the door but finally with a flashlight and wire hooks made from hangers I was able to retrieve the lead from the openings along the door well and then snag it from the light opening itself. After that it was as easy as plugging in the light, twisting on the fixture and snapping it into the fender.
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