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I was chatting to a mate last night who is looking to replace the old, worn smooth, 2.5TD in his 90. He is after the cheapest possible conversion and 100BHP. Now I seem to remember reading in an old LRE magazine, about someone who fitted a Prima into his 90 for next to nowt.

The Sherpa van used a a nat asp version of the Prima and guess what gearbox the Sherpa uses.............The LT77. Minus the transfer box of course. Doesn't sound like it would work going from 2.5 to a higher revving 2.0 but on paper it could be a good conversion with more power than the TD and similar torque. It should be piece of the proverbial to fit. I reckon you would only need a sump, clutch and water pump from a Sherpa to do the job. These would be a few quid from a scrappy and you can buy a complete Montego Diesel for 50 Quid. Hmmm.

I know that the Prima works brilliantly in an 88", but has anyone done this conversion to a 90 and if so, is it any good?
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